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Baccarat Facts

Today's game was a favorite of James Bond, where in the book Casino Royale he skillfully bankrupts an enemy. Baccarat in old colloquial Italian and French means "nothing".

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Baccarat Probabilities

It is important that you really understand what your chances are of winning when playing Baccarat. By understanding your chances you can make the correct decisions and increase your likelihood of winning. This section will help you understand the the probabilities in Baccarat.

Some common questions regarding Baccarat probabilitis:

Which bet is best?

The house edge for a wager on the player is about 1.35%, and the house edge for a wager on the banker is slightly lower at about 1.17%. You will need to remember that a winning wager on the banker is generally charged a 5% commission.

The following are a few common questions people ask when thinking about Baccarat probabilities:

Where's the Best Bet?

The house edge for a banker bet outcome is only 1.17%, while the edge for a player bet outcome is slightly more at 1.35%. Thus, you can see the attractiveness of the game. It should be remembered that most casinos will charge a 5% commission on winning banker bets. This simply illustrates for you which outcome is more probable, and therefore the best bet.

Should I Wager on a Tie?

Universally not recommended by any gaming experts, the Tie bet outcome is seldom a winner. The payout odds are significantly higher (8:1, opposed to 2:1) which makes it irresistible for those who looking for that quick buck, or who operate more on whims and hunches than mathematical deduction and logic. If you do choose to bet on the Tie, don't expect to win very often. If you choose to bet on the Tie and win, congratulations!

Number of decks?

This is possibly the most important decision you can make when playing Baccarat and one that is often over looked. We have assembled a table (below) showing the advantage you will have when playing Baccarat with fewer decks. The table shows the number of decks used on the left, the outcome of a wager in the middle and the Probability of that wager on the right.

Bet Outcome   Probability
Bank   45.96%
Player   44.68%
Tie   9.36%
Bank   45.88%
Player   44.63%
Tie   9.49%
Bank   45.87%
Player   44.63%
Tie   9.51%
Bank   45.86%
Player   44.62%
Tie   9.52%

The table clearly shows that the fewer the number of decks in the game the better off you are. Now the margin in small but regardless of how small you should take every advantage offered. The more positive results you can get mean more money in your pocket and more fun at the tables.

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