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Baccarat Facts

Today's game was a favorite of James Bond, where in the book Casino Royale he skillfully bankrupts an enemy. Baccarat in old colloquial Italian and French means "nothing".

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Baccarat Strategy

Amongst most experienced Baccarat players, a reliable Baccarat strategy is generally considered to be an unatainable dream. However this will not stop people trying to share (usually for money) their secret garenteed to work Baccarat strategy with you. Because of the style of play that Baccarat involves there is very little a player can do to improve the odds.

Knowing that there are no reliable strategies does not mean that you should not think about the game. There are a number of things to remember when playing Baccarat that wil help you to make the proper decisions and play an intelligent game, thus increasing your chance of success.

Here are some questions and answers you should read to help you become a better player:

Is pattern spotting an effective strategy or superstitious hogwash?

When you play Baccarat you will see players using the scorecard provided by the casino to track hands as they are played. The idea behind the scorecard is that you will be able to spot patterns in the hands and adjust your play appropriately to account for these patterns. It is silly to think that the casino would supply their players with a tool that would allow those players to beat them. The casino is in the business of making money believing in a strategy that is promoted by the casino is just going to cost you money.

Which type of game favors the player?

Pay attention to the type of table you are playing at when selecting your Baccarat table. Some table will use different numbers of decks. It is possible to maximize your returns by playing at a Baccarat table that offers a single deck game. Single decks offer the best mathematical return (around 1%) for the banker bet. This is the best return possible for any bet in Baccarat. You can be sure that single deck Baccarat will have a higher minimum bet than multideck Baccarat.

The Tie bet has great payout odds. When is the best time to wager on it?

You should avoid the plague like you avoid your great aunt Mitilda (no offense to any great aunt Miltildas out there). Regardless of what you might hear the wager on a Tie is not a good wager. The payout for a tie is huge and it is huge for a reason. A huge payout entices player to make the bet and the odds are strickly in the houses favour. The house edge on tie wagers is at least 5%.

Considering the odds, should you always bet on the banker?

From a technical stand point yes you should bet on the banker, in practicality things might be differnt.Strickly looking at the numbersm the odds are always better for the banker. While the house has an edge (albeit a small one when compared to other games) and in the long run the house will win, betting on the house is a very dull strategy. To minimize the house edge it is advisable to bet on the banker, but the point of gambling is the thrill of the win, beating those odds and above all else, having fun.

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